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What others say about Bolls

Bolls on TV:

28/1 2016 we participated as experts in the DR1 broadcast Kontant, where we had examined one of the dangerous SEGBOARDS.

3/3 2016 we participated again, but this time about illegal USB chargers.

This was elaborated on 23/4 2019. Watch the broadcast here:


Furthermore, we have been to the Evening Show and participated in another SEGBOARD survey as well as been referenced in Cash about e-cigarettes.


User survey;

Here are the results of our latest customer satisfaction survey. The survey was answered both by customers where Bolls tests their product(s), as well as test-self customers.

We strive to evolve and become better at what we are already good at. We want to meet the needs of our customers and adapt to the market by looking forward and are very honored by the beautiful positive response from our customers.

Testimonials from our customers:

"Good and very friendly service as well as a positive attitude to our assignment, we are positive towards Bolls!"

"Always friendly and understandable information at reasonable prices."

"Super high professional level and good service. "

"Incredibly helpful and friendly people, with great knowledge in their field of work"

"If we needed info, we asked the staff, who responded adequately every time."

"No overshooting schedule, really fine work"

And here are the response percentages to the questions:

How is your overall impression of Bolls ApS?

90% Good or Very Good

How likely are you to use our company again?

98% Probable or Very Likely

How likely are you to recommend our company to others?

100% Probable or Very Likely

What was the quality of the final report?

100% Satisfactory or Really Good

We do our utmost to have satisfied customers.

"At Bolls there is one way in, and this makes the collaboration and advice much easier for us"

Lisbeth Reindel, Competence Manager at FOSS A/S

"Bolls is simply very easy to deal with, not least because they make a lot of effort to understand our wishes and challenges"

Arne Grinsted, founder and owner of PowerMedic ApS