Who are we?

Since 1998, Bolls ApS has offered professional testing and engineering assistance for CE marking and international type approvals. Our goal is always to provide the customer with fast and targeted guidance with low cost and high quality. We strive to offer a total solution so that the customer does not have to go to more than one place when it comes to approvals.

Kim Boll Jensen

Kim Boll Jensen

Bolls ApS was founded in 1998 by Kim Boll Jensen, who graduated from the Academy of Engineering DIA-E in 1985. Since 1987 he has worked with EMC and type approvals at international level and has also worked for more than 15 years with quality management – including two years as quality manager – and is an examined auditor.

Kim Boll Jensen has for many years carried out type approvals in accordance with most EU directives and has thereby built up a very broad knowledge in the field. He also participates in standardisation work for medical products.

Contact: kbj@bolls.dk

Direct: 22 99 69 91

Niels Hougaard

Niels Hougaard

Niels Hougaard trained as a low-power engineer and early on had a very great interest in the influence of electromagnetic radiation on electronic components and constructions. Niels also spent a trip past Brüel &Kjær before spending five years at Jyske EMC, where he was especially responsible for advice on appliance safety related to EMC.

Before engineering, Niels Hougaard studied law for a few years, and this has given him a great understanding of the way in which you get the most out of working with standards. He has a great pragmatic approach to advising on EMC and always tells the truth – bluntly. Niels also participates in standardisation work for EMC standards.

Contact: nh@bolls.dk

Direct: 53 79 69 91

Michael Jorgensen

Michael Jorgensen

No test is performed better than the limits of the test equipment allow. And correct use, adhesion and calibration of test equipment are among electronics technician Michael Jørgensen's specialties.

At renowned Giga, Michael Jørgensen was responsible for developing the company's equipment for testing extremely fast communication chips, and he has been with us since 2008.

Michael Jørgensen is the man who is happy to lend a helping hand to our customers to the extent that they want to use our test self-facilities and need expert knowledge of EMC testing.

Contact: mj@bolls.dk

Direct: 53 89 69 91

Christian Larsen

Christian Larsen is a qualified electronics engineer at the Technical University of Denmark and has a master's degree in practical project management. Christian takes care of test tasks and projects within appliance safety and ensures that the tested products/devices comply with applicable CE marking standards.

Christian has previously worked in product development with tasks that vary from circuit boards to larger machines, electronics testing, quality control and project management. With his broad practical experience, he is good at advising if products need to be corrected to meet CE requirements while ensuring make-upable solutions.

Contact: cl@bolls.dk

Direct: 22 63 69 91

Eigil Thomsen

Eigil Thomsen

Eigil Thomsen is one of Denmark's most experienced vibration people. He started his career in the Air Force as a radar specialist and instructor. For 20 years, he was responsible at Brüel &Kjær for the development of the company's vibration equipment, where he was behind the development of some of the world's most advanced equipment for testing the behavior of equipment and components in vibrational environments.

Today, he advises our customers on everything to do with vibration. The earlier Eigil Thomsen is involved in a development project, the better the handlebars will be on the equipment's ability to handle vibrations.

Contact: et@bolls.dk

Helge Knudsen

Use the standards correctly. If you need advice on standards regarding EMC, RED and/or ATEX, it is Helge Knudsen you need to get hold of.

As a long-standing member of the Danish Electrotechnical Committee / Danish Standards EMC Committee, Helge Knudsen has been involved in all aspects of EMC, which is why you can safely approach Helge – no matter what problem or task you face.

Contact: hk@bolls.dk

Lars Bringstrup

Lars Bringstrup

Lars Bringstrup is a trained electronics mechanic and electronics technician and has worked with electronics at both component and system level for many years.

Lars is an external consultant in metering and has tested many light sources and luminaires, primarily with LED.

EMC tests, vibration tests, IP tests, climate tests, electrical safety tests and flammability tests are also areas that Lars takes care of. When things need to be put into system, Lars is also the handyman in our expanding test house. Last but not least, he develops test equipment for special purposes.

Contact: lb@bolls.dk

Direct: 25 75 69 91

Our partner for the Machinery Directive

Sweyn Larsen

Since 1995, Mechanical and welding engineer Svend Larsen has been involved in machine safety and counts among his customers companies such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Foss, Haldor Topsøe, Christian Hansen, Soco System, FLS, Dyrup, APV, IDA, Rockwool, Siemens, Synthesis, Wicotec Kirkebjerg and Topsil.

I have developed a very practical tool for CE marking of machinery and plant, which ensures a complete review and efficient case management according to the latest standards and harmonised standards. Fast delivery and reasonable prices.

Contact: 38791449@mail.dk

Direct: 40 73 14 47