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Lystest incl. EPREL data

In Boll's light laboratory, we use the advanced Viso LabSpion photogoniometer. This gives us the great advantage that we can perform a wide range of light measurements in a fast and efficient way.

We test many different LED light sources, but can also measure other light sources, such as light bulbs and incandescent bulbs. After the expansion of our light laboratory, we can now measure light sources up to 150 cm in length.

It can be measured:

Lumen + Lumen/Watt

Peak Candela

CRI + TM30

Beam Angle

Angular field distribution

Power + Power factor

ERP / EPREL tables

Measuring range: 360nm - 830nm

Måleusikkerhed: <4%

Spectrometer: Ibsen Photonics FREEDOM

The measurement results can be presented in PDF format in an easy and manageable way.

The measurement results can be delivered in the following formats: LDT (for DIALux), IES, CSV and PNG. As well as all relevant data to record in the EPREL database except lifetime.

Light measurements at the lowest prices in Denmark.

It is also possible to test yourself by renting our light laboratory.

Flicker measurement, for determining a light source has unwanted flicker.

Measurement results in TM30-18, which allows you to correctly specify the color reproduction of an LED light source than CRI (Ra) does.

MacAdam / SDCM steps for description of color tolerance.

UGR value via DIALux or as table

Light yield over time (For example, if an LED light source has difficulty emitting loss heat, it can be revealed as decreasing light yield over time).

Stabilized supply or variation of supply voltage (90 - 250VAC)

See more about Viso Systems LabSpion HERE

LED safety, 200-1100 nm

With our spectrometer we can also measure outside the visible spectrum, which allows to analyze for UV as well as NIR.

Measuring range: 200 nm - 1100 nm


We offer measurements after EN 60825 for laser safety with full report and product review, which also includes check of labels and other safety.

Sound measurements

We perform sound measurements, for example, when approved under the Machinery Directive and the Medico Directive, where there are requirements for maximum sound pressure in dBA.

Lumen, Watt, Peak candela, CRI, TM30, Beam angle, Angular field distribution, Power factor
Light measurement
Light measurement