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Bolls offers a range of courses on CE marking and international type approvals. We go into the most depth about electrical safety, radio products, battery products and EMC, but other requirements are also affected.

Course schedule 2022:


CE marking of electrical products

8/6 at 13 - 16

Battle groves or on-line

1500,- Kr

CE marking of electrical products

14/9 at 13 - 16

Battle groves or on-line

1500,- Kr

We recommend:

CE course online through DS which is both for beginners and experienced:

CE course

Other DS courses

CE marking of electrical products

(Producers and importers)

The course is aimed at those who want an overview and understanding of the CE marking requirements for electrical products.

The course includes:

Where to find information

What is my duty

Overview of directives

Overview of the standards

What standards apply and when

Manual and labelling requirements

How to document (technical file)

Declaration of Conformity (DoC)


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Workshop from Idea to Market; CE marking of electrical products

 - why and how

Gives the CE mark any value, how to find the requirements and what to do to make sure that the CE mark is legal.

With a focus on the CE marking of electrical products, we look at: what is my duty as a manufacturer/importer, a quick overview of directives and standards, labelling, manuals and technical documentation.

The post is peppered with examples of errors found in the market.

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Bolls ApS offers the following general courses

on the approval of electrical products (call and hear on date):

U.S. approvals

The course is aimed at those who have not previously had approval of electrical products for the North American market. The course includes:

Legal requirements in the United States, who is subject to

Where and how to obtain UL approvals

Alternatives to UL


Special component requirements

EMC requirements

Other legal requirements (laser, medico, radio, tele, etc.)

International type-approvals

The course provides a basic knowledge of electrical product type approvals globally. The course provides an overall review of rules in the following countries/regions: EuropaNord America Australia China. CB scheme a common approval system

The courses are held at Bolls ApS, Ved Gadekæret 11F, Slagslunde.

Registration and additional information

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Courses can also be booked to be held internally in your company, regardless of the number of participants. Such courses cost DKK 1,700 per participant – but a minimum of DKK 5,100 plus transport costs. All prices are vat, for example. We reserve the right to cancel for too few registrations