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Most directives have been adopted and redrafted. These include the EMC Directive, the Low Voltage Directive and the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Directive. The latter has also been renamed RED - Radio Equipment Directive.

No lists of published standards have yet been included in the new directives, so the previous lists still apply.

Under the old EMC Directive, there have been, among other things:

EN 55032:2012 has been in the Official Journal and can now be used to test EMC on multimedia equipment. It applies to emissions and covers the types of products otherwise covered by EN 55013, 55022 and EN 55103.

Multimedia equipment is defined in EN 55032 as "information technology equipment, audio equipment, video equipment, broadcast receiver equipment, entertainment lighting control equipment or combinations of these".

Each of these types is then again defined in the default.

EN 55032:2012 can be applied now and should be applied in place of the three standards mentioned from 5 March 2017

The corresponding standard of immunity, EN 55035, is on its way, but has run into problems. It has been adopted as a standard, but rejected to the rest of the world. The European side would very much like harmonisation with the rest of the world, and the publication of EN 55035 in the Official Journal has therefore been postponed.

There have been several suggestions as to what should happen, but what and when is uncertain.

There has also been a new version of EN 55015 on emissions from lighting equipment and things like that. EN 55015:2013 has a transitional period to 12 June 2016. EN 61326-1 has also been updated. EN 61326-1:2013 has a fairly short transitional period, as this new version is the only EN 61326-1 edition to be used after 14 August 2015.

New versions of a number of other EMC standards and also standards have also been included under the Low Voltage Directive, but the above are the most widespread.

If in doubt, call and hear if a given standard has come in a new and fresh version. We can also clarify what this means specifically for your products.