Welcome to Bolls ApS

Bolls Aps is an advisory and testing centre that offers a unique combination of resources that you will not find anywhere else in Denmark. With in-depth expertise and a very wide range of tools at our disposal, we are the only ones to offer our customers a genuine one-stop test and advice including any bug fixes – as well as practical help in implementing a wide range of different type approvals.

Bolls ApS offers:

EMC, electrical safety, vibration, light and climate tests are just some of the tests that Bolls offers in its test center. Bolls performs everything from simple guidance to full handling of type approvals. In addition, we offer courses within mainly CE marking, including product liability (manufacturer responsibility and importer liability).



In our light laboratory, we can perform a wide range of light measurements in a fast and efficient way.

We test many different light sources, such as LED, light bulbs and incandescent bulbs.

Different types of reports can be reported according to the desired technical level.


Bolls ApS offers a wide range of

tests according to electrical safety standards for, among others, the Low Voltage Directive, the Medico Directive, the Machinery Directive and the R&TTE Directives.

We test and document using the same model as CB test reports and are proud that our reports are accepted in many countries on an equal footing with accredited reports.


EMC tests are carried out in our well-equipped EMC laboratory. The tests can be carried out either with or without the customer's presence or as test-yourself. Should a product fail, we at Bolls have extensive experience in troubleshooting and corrections.


We have many years of experience in performing vibration, shock and bump tests according to various standards or customer wishes.


Bolls offers many different environmental tests with cold, heat and moisture from -70°C to +180°C.

Salt mist tests are performed in our HACT corrosion test chamber.


For a number of years, we have offered a number of courses on CE marking and international approvals. We continuously improve our courses and include the latest legislation.


Bolls isn't just a test center. We love to share our knowledge with everyone who needs it. That is why we have been active in entrepreneurial environments for many years. Most recently, we have been advisors in Danish Tech Challenge via FutureBox at DTU.

We are also known by the Danish Business Houses around the country, such as Copenhagen Business Hub, where many are referred to us.

If you have just started a business, we offer 1 hour of free advice on the exact requirements that your product must meet before it can be legally marketed.

We have the pleasure of knowing that we are making the world a safer place, among other things, for electricity security. Several children and adults have been killed or seriously injured by the use of illegal CE-labelled electrical products.

Every year we examine a great many imported products from the Far East in particular, and experience shows that over 50% of these are illegal and dangerous to use. That's why we offer a reasonably cheap and simple electricity security check on import products so everyone can afford to put safe products on the market.