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Climatic test from -70 to +180C

Bolls ApS offers many different environmental tests and has, among other things, a Vötsch climate test cabinet, type VC 4034.

The cabinet has the following data:

Moisture: 10 - 98% in the temperature range 10 to 95°C.

Temperature: -45 to +180°C.

Temperature change: 3.5 K/min.

Test chamber: 580 x 765 x 750 mm.

The tests can be carried out even with equipment that emits up to 2800 W during the test. The cabinet can be software controlled after many of the tests in the EN 60068 series. We offer several types of use of the cabinet:

Climate chamber rental can be done on an hourly basis, performing all tests yourself or renting with our technician

For climatic tests of more than 4 hours with or without monitoring or a mix of the above, the price is reduced (contact us for a quote).

Climate Chamber - Small

We also offer tests in small climate chamber.

The chamber can test at temperatures from 180°C

down to -70°C.

Test chamber: H340 x B330 x D320 mm.

Corrosion test

Bolls has acquired a corrosion test chamber, also called HACT (Highly Accelerated Corrosion Test).

With this, it is possible to provoke corrosion in a very short time. This may cause any corrosion challenges to appear already with the manufacturer and not with the end user.

It is not the idea that the HACT test cabinet should simulate the real world, but rather provide an opportunity to compare products and their corrosion resistance.

The salt mist chamber has the following data:

Test volume: 512 l.

Max. physical size of test piece: H 580 mm x B 580 mm x D 700 mm

Test temperature: up to 70°C.

Humidity: 35 - 95%.

Test time: 3-5 days.

See more about our HACT locker HERE

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