Bolls ApS


Bolls a unique test house

Bolls ApS is a consultancy and testing centre with a unique combination of resources not found elsewhere in Denmark. With in-depth expertise and a very wide range of tools at our disposal, we are the only ones who can offer our customers both genuine one-stop testing and advice - as well as practical help in implementing a wide range of different tests and type approvals.

Bolls Consulting and Test Centre has expanded a lot in recent years and now counts a number of specialised staffcovering areas such as:



(here under UKCA)

Vibration test

Laser safety


EPREL registration

From error to success

For many years, we have successfully solved approval tasks for products that initially failed in testing or regulatory approval.

By using our expertise in troubleshooting and correction and/or by applying our deep insight into laws and standards, we have jointly succeeded in finding new ways to approve the products with the authorities.


Bolls Aps originally started under the name Bolls Rådgivning in 1998 as a side business. At the end of 2001 it became Kim's main business and has since changed its name to Bolls Aps with the bi-name Bolls Rådgivning.